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May 26, 2014 by John Crapper

Myself (the short one) with Bill. When I introduced myself as John Crapper he put his arm around me and said. "I know who you are! Thanks for all the fine work you do."

Myself (the short one) with Bill. When I introduced myself as John Crapper he put his arm around me and said. “I know who you are! Thanks for all the fine work you do.”

On May17,2014 in Bellingham, Washingon I was standing next to Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org .  Bill is one of the leading environmental activists and authors in the world.   He is also the Shumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he directs the Middlebury Fellowships in Environmental Journalism.  He is also just a really nice, down to earth guy trying to make a difference.

It was a memory cocktail of the highest order for me and as I like to say as Poop John the First of the Church of the Holy Shitters, “It was a Holy Shit moment!

This would not have happened without  Daily KOS.  My whole experience with Daily KOS has been and continues to be a phenomenal one.

I would like to share some of my posting history on the site.  Just in case you don’t know Daily KOS is the largest progressive Democratic blogging site in the United States.

I first discovered the site in September 2010 after searching numerous other sites. I soon discovered Daily KOS was different in that it allowed a person an extraordinary ability to participate compared to all others (ThinkProgress, Grist, TreeHugger, DeSmogBlog, 350 or bust etc.).  I signed up under the blogging name Road Dog and started participating. During this early stage I wrote about many issues other than just the environment. I gained some recognition while blogging under this name and gained confidence.

I quickly realized that I had to focus and prioritize. I couldn’t write in all my areas of interest. I made the decision to focus on my #1 priority which was climate change and broadly environmental issues.

In July 2011, I retired the blogging name Road Dog and opened under my current name John Crapper. I then went into an intense period of behind the scenes writing on both a book and on getting 100 articles ready to post. My participation on the site during this time was limited to commenting only.  Because I made sure my comments were substantive I soon caught the eye of some prominent environmental writers. I ended up being invited to join a group called Climate Change SOS.

I was promoted to being an administrator of Climate Change SOS and participated in my first blogathon in August 2012. (A blogathon is a scheduled series of articles published over a specified period of time on one certain issue.)  I was put in a backup role and not slated to post any article. As fate would have it there was a late cancellation and an emergency message was sent out to the group asking if anybody could post. I took one of my 85 posts (Time is Wasting) I had in queue and submitted it for consideration.  It was selected and ended up on the front page in a section called community spotlight.

Since then I’ve participated in four more blogathons and been allowed to contribute and participate in ever increasing fashion.

Feb 11 – 15, 2013 – “Forward On Climate” Blogathon: – My article: The Reluctance to Change vs The Willingness to Change.


April 12 – 22 #NO KXL Blogathon – My article: Keystone Principles and the Line in the Sand



Sep. 9-13, 2013 – “Hummingbirds Blogathon: My article: Plant for the Planet.


This blogathon was given its name per my suggestion and Wangari Maathai was highlighted. I focused my article on promoting Michael Foster’s efforts.

March 3-7, 2014 Keystone XL “Public Comments” Blogathon- I was the introductory post for this blogathon with my article: A Titanic Shift.

I also ended the event by introducing Bill McKibben’s concluding post: The Public Has Done Its Job Beautifully on KXL

The list of guest posters within these blogathons reads like a Who’s Who of environmentalism.

Former Vice President Al Gore
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich
Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Jeff Merkley
Bill McKibben

to name a few. There are about 70 more I could list! I know because I put the list together.

Most recently, I’ve just been given the task of organizing the newly formed Seattle and Puget Sound Kossacks group.


These regional groups are being set up all over the country and are designed to connect local activists and highlight their work through articles posted under the group’s banner. I have high hopes and dreams for this group.

The ability I have on this site to zero in on the writers I want to follow and the groups I want to keep track of is superb.

I could write an equal amount on all the wonderful contacts and friendships I’ve made through the site. I continually learn bunches from them! Most are doing fabulous environmental things in their own spheres of influence and they’re always helpful and inspiring.


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