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May 1, 2014 by John Crapper

The ideas just keep on coming when you shop at SkyMall.  There are hundreds of new products being introduced every day. Consumer diarrhea suffering shopaholics can scratch every consumer itch.   The problem is after  you purchase all this shit, crap accumulation becomes a real problem.  Crap accumulators need crap accumulation storage devices.  Stacks and Stacks is ready to assist.  Crap accumulation has never been easier.

Consider purchasing Stacks and Stacks Compact 12-Tote Home Organizer system. It does the trick for just $110.00.  You’ll be able to store mountains of crap and have great fun trying to figure out which box contains which crap.  Make it a fun game the whole family can play.  Guess which box which crap is in!

Got a lot of crap to file? Stacks and Stacks File-Box Mini-Warehouse is the perfect solution.

Never be burdened with deciding which paper to save and which one to throw away.  Just keep them all and keep them forever.  You never have to worry about where that piece of paper is.  It’s in that huge file box mini warehouse.

Have a burning desire to clutter the hallway?  Be the proud owner of Stacks and Stacks Hall Storage Bench complete with baskets.

These benches are specially designed for stacking more crap on top in the convenient full-length bench top trays.  Plus an added bonus is the easy to stub your toe legs at the bottom of each bench!

In need of more couch potato storage? Stacks and Stacks 4-tray Storage Ottoman again is the perfect solution.

Need more crap paper at your fingertips? For $29.95 your problem is solved.

When that other kind of diarrhea strikes and you have the runs you need never run out of crap paper again!

In need of a crap carrying carryall?  Forget the old-fashioned backpack and step up to the wear it, roll it, ride it unique backpack featuring a deployable scooter.

Need more space to store your  rock around the clock collection? Music crap collection was never easier. Line your walls and cram your corners with maximum rockability storage.

Don’t have time to store crap acquired on the spur of the moment? Make sure you have the Tidy Tent instant storage unit for just such an emergency.  Provides a safe and convenient way to temporarily store all your last-minute purchases you know you don’t need but must have.

Can also be used as an auxiliary camping tent crap storage unit when you are forced to pack the Hummer being towed behind the RV that is full of crap and need it emptied once reaching your destination and need a place to store it!

When you’re not ready to decrapulate  and reject any notion of being a Soft and Fluffy Consumer, Stacks and Stacks stands ready to assist you in every way possible  to continue your super-consuming ways.


Super-consumerism is a major problem in the United States and increasingly in the rest of the world.  The above post takes a humorous poke at this serious problem.  Consumption is inescapable for survival.   Capitalism is a great economic system capable of providing much in goods and services.  Our Church reminds us that capitalism is a great system to produce anything that people can be convinced to buy.  It is a terrible system to conserve.  We can no longer produce and consume all that we want that capitalism can provide.  It is not sustainable.   As followers of the Church of the Holy Shitters we strive to practice Soft and Fluffy Consumerism.  This means we look at things from a waste-end perspective before deciding to purchase any product.  What we buy and how we spend our money matters!  For more detailed discussion of this issue please read this article on decrapulation.

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