The Ass-backward RV


July 17, 2014 by John Crapper

There is no more perfect an example of ass-backward super-consumerism than the American recreational vehicle better known as the RV. Averaging roughly 4-18 miles per gallon these behemoths of the road attest to the conspicuous super-consuming spoiled tourist encouraged and admired in this country.

You see them every day of the summer on our nation’s freeways and highways. The mobile home on wheels with the car or truck and dirt bikes in tow. It is the “don’t leave home without it” ideal summer vacation aspired to in the good old USA!

The recreational vehicle industry symbolize everything wrong with the United States of America’s energy policy.



There have been some vain attempts in the industry to make these gas guzzlers a little more efficient but not nearly enough in my opinion.


In 2008 Freightliner introduced the first ever fuel/electric hybrid motorhome chasses at the RVDA trade show in Louisville called the “EcoFred”. Informal tests have shown fuel mileage gains in the range of 7-19% vs diesel only and perhaps as much as 42% vs a gas engine coach.

During the summer of 2009,Brad and Amy Herzog, spokespeople for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA, used a Winnebago motorhome equipped with a eco-Fred chassis

The Herzogs had this to say about the concept vehicle:

“I’m thrilled to be driving this concept hybrid RV from Winnebago Industries,” said Herzog. “There are many ways in which RVing teaches Earth-friendly lessons — just by doing things like visiting natural wonders, shopping at farmers’ markets and reducing consumption and home energy use. But the Adventurer hybrid is an exciting step forward in the industry’s green initiatives. I’ve always reduced the RV vacation advantage to four Fs — fun, family, flexibility and financial savings. But now I can add a fifth — facing the future.”

Now that quote is one of the best examples of cogniitive dissonance I’ve ever encountered. Not sure what future he’s facing or what drugs he’s been taking to be able to see that future but it looks nothing like the one I’m seeing. Just makes me want to say Holy Shit!
This is the end of the road for this diary. I wish it was the end of the road for RV’s instead.

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