People’s Climate March – September 21, 2014


August 31, 2014 by John Crapper

Dear Friends,

This September 23, world leaders and representatives from big business, finance and civil society are convening in New York City for a landmark one-day Climate Summit. The summit was convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to catalyze action to ensure an agreement is reached at the Paris 2015 UN Climate Talks to keep the global temperature from rising over 2 degrees Celsius.  Although I cannot be physically in New York for the march I plan to support and promote it as much as possible.

Buses, trains, and ride boards have been established across the country and churches, homes and other spaces are providing numerous housing options Our goals are simple. We are marching to demand a world economy which supports all the people and the planet; a world which can begin recovering from the ravages of climate change, with good jobs, clean air and water and healthy communities.

I write to invite you to go to New York for the People’s Climate March if you can. The success of the UN Summit depends a lot more on us than it does on our politicians. If we fail to turn out, if world leaders walk away from that summit without seeing a strong, public demand for action, there’s no chance our so-called “leaders” are going to make real commitments on their own.

Scientists have made it clear that we’re running out of time to avoid catastrophic climate change. Every new report reveals a shorter time frame for action, and every new disaster underlines their words in grim ink. By joining the march on September 21st, you will no longer just be a witness to climatic history – you will be shaping it.

And please forward this message on to all your contacts.

Sign up For the People’s Climate March Now!

New York City, Sunday, September 21


Have you signed up yet to participate in the Peoples’ Climate March? The September 21 March is being held two days before the UN Climate Summit, where government and corporate leaders will convene to discuss taking action to address climate change. Tens of thousands are expected to march in New York City and over 700 groups and organizations are participating. Let’s make September a game-changer for the climate movement. Sign up now for a bus, train, or ride shares (or volunteer transport.) Individuals, campuses, churches and organizations are registering to host marchers.



Sign up here!!! –> People’s Climate March



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