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September 20, 2014 by John Crapper

Myself with Bill McKibben, Co-founder of 350.0rg.


The above picture of me with Bill McKibben would not have been possible without Daily KOS. I love Daily KOS. My whole experience with Daily KOS has been and continues to be a phenomenal one. I first discovered the site in September 2010 after searching numerous other sites. I soon learned Daily KOS was different in that it allowed a person an extraordinary ability to participate compared to all others.

I started off posting articles in numerous areas of interest but quickly realized I had to focus and prioritize. I couldn’t write about everything. I made the decision to concentrate on my #1 priority which was climate change and broadly environmental issues.

I determined my overarching goal was to pursue making the issue of climate change go viral. It is IMHO the top-tier issue we face that overshadows and supersedes all others.

I know Daily KOS’s stated goal is to elect more and better Democrats. But my goal as far as politics is concerned is a little different. It is to elect more and better representatives that take the threat of climate change seriously and help those currently in office trying to do something meaningful about it.

My Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, is one of those elected officials putting climate change at the top of his political agenda. I intend to help him as best I can. Governor Inslee was featured in episode five in the recently aired Showtime series entitled “Years of Living Dangerously and touted as being the “greenest Governor in America”. He has formed

A Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce (CERT) composed of 21 leaders from business, labor, health and public interest organizations, that will provide recommendations to him on design and implementation of a market-based carbon pollution program.

Governor Jay Inslee recently said:

“We’re already seeing the impacts and bearing the costs of climate change in our state. I’ve met with shellfish growers in Shelton who are working hard to deal with increased ocean acidification and the resulting difficulty to grow shellfish. Because of reduced snowpack in our mountains and longer drought periods in central and eastern Washington, we’re seeing water resource challenges requiring significant investments in places like the Yakima River Basin. And I’m meeting with local officials who must rebuild water treatment facilities to anticipate more severe flooding, including recently in Anacortes and later today at Discovery Park in Seattle, with King County Executive Dow Constantine. “Taking action to reduce carbon pollution is not only important for our children, our environment and our health, it is essential for our economy. The costs of inaction are simply too high. Meanwhile, there are enormous opportunities in developing the clean energy technologies that will cleanly fuel our homes and businesses for decades to come. And once again, Washington state is uniquely poised to lead the nation. I applaud Senator Murray and President Obama for their actions today to highlight the economic risks we face if we continue to delay climate action. And I commend the President for his leadership at the federal level to reduce carbon pollution from our nation’s power plants.”

The establishment of this taskforce was part of his Executive Order 14-04 issued in late April of this year which took steps in 7 key areas.

Executive Order 14-04

Carbon emission – Established a Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce to provide recommendations on the design and implementation of a market-based carbon pollution program.

Coal-fired electricity imported from other states (“coal-by-wire”) – State agencies are directed to work with key utilities to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the use of electrical power produced by coal.

Clean transportation – The greatest percentage of carbon emissions come from cars, trucks and other transportation-related sources. The state Department of Transportation will lead an effort with other agencies and governments to promote strategies, policies and investments that support electrification of our transportation system, lower-emission multi-modal options, and clean fuels.

Clean technology – The state Department of Commerce will work with Washington State University and others on a program to develop and deploy new renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, including those with an emphasis on solar power.

Energy efficiency – One of the most cost-effective strategies for reducing carbon emissions is to use energy more efficiently. The state Department of Commerce is directed to work with WSU and others to significantly improve the energy performance of public and private buildings.

State government operations – The state Department of Enterprise Services will lead efforts to achieve carbon reduction and energy efficiency improvements throughout state government including meeting goals established by Gov. Inslee’s Results Washington.

Carbon pollution limits – The state Department of Ecology will review the state’s greenhouse gas emission limits and recommend updates.

The above list is aggressive but it is not unrealistic. It represents a common sense achievable program any state can adopt.

I am proud of Governor Inslee’s leadership on this issue. He does not have his head here.

But he also doesn’t have his head here.


He (CERT)ainly deserves support in his efforts to bring energy sanity and climate equilibrium to our world! And thanks to Daily KOS I now have the chance to be of some service.

Thank you Daily KOS for making it possible!

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