An Inconvenient Poop! Let the Show Begin!


July 6, 2015 by John Crapper

Holy Shit! This is our kind of show!  Be the first to go!

An Inconvenient Poop

Premieres at FringeNYC!!!!!

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The POOP Project is proud to announce that our new show, An Inconvenient Poop, will trouble the bowels of the Five Boroughs this August at FringeNYC! Help us make a splash in the same festival that brought the world Urinetown: The Musical.


From the website:

What if the solution to climate change, world peace, and self-love was the one thing no one wanted to talk about? Professor Oscar von Shtein was going to give a thrilling FREDx Talk on the Classics, until Shawn “The Puru” Shafner took over the controls. Forced to explain why we feel the way we do about doo, now Oscar must face his own shit and save the day, before it starts to smell.

Fascinating, hilarious, and a little bit uncomfortable, An Inconvenient Poop is a musical, one-man show. Breaking the potty taboo, it inspires audiences to take responsibility for our shit—literal, personal, communal—so we can liberate it, hold it to the light, and transform it from waste to resource. Join a revolution pushing for change from the bottom up, and proudly declare “I’m a pooper!”


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The Poop Project was founded by Shawn.  I’ve met him.  We’ve touched base from time to time as our paths seem to “naturally” flow together . He’s a talented and very intelligent guy.  I guess you could say he “really knows his shit”. He’s not farting around with this stuff either. He’s been talking shit for quite some time.

When you’re Poop John the First of the Church of the Holy Shitters you notice people like this and you don’t flush them.  He has a wonderful message nobody likes to hear but needs to be listened to by everybody.

So I’m just letting this flow out to all of you.  Flush it along.


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