Carly Fiorina – Holy Shit – 10 Lies on Climate Change in Less Than 5 Minutes


August 24, 2015 by John Crapper

Katie Couric interviewed Carly Fiorina the other day and the subject of climate change came up. In less than five minutes she spouted off ten lies albeit in a very slick manner. After watching this video I can sure see why she’s moving up in the polls. She’s truly professional at it.


The bulk of the information contained in this post came from an article from Vox Energy & Environment published August 21, 2015. I invite you to read the entire article which contains much more detail and references.

Lie 1: One nation, acting alone, can make no difference. According to the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan CO2 emissions will be reduced by .018. That is a difference albeit a small one. Climate change is a big problem global in scope. American must do its part along with many other countries.

Lie 2: California “destroys lives and livelihoods with environmental regulations. In California total carbon emissions are declining, jobs are being created with the 5th highest GDP growth rate.

Lie 3: The answer to this problem is innovation, not regulation. Innovation is part of any climate change solutions mix but the silver-bullet approach alone is not enough. The lie is framing the answer as an either/or one. The truth is regulation is need to spur innovation with such programs as the clean energy loans and the Obama administration’s “regional innovation clusters”. It’s not regulation or innovation it’s regulation and innovation.

Lie 4: China could care less if we try to reduce carbon: There is no doubting that China acts in their own best interest. So does the US for that matter. So this assertion falls flat on its face for one obvious reason: the climate pact China entered into with the US.

Lie 5: China is delighted we’re not spending enough time and energy figuring out clean coal. The fact is China wants affordable clean coal. and they would welcome US success in this area instead of the failures that have occurred.

Lie 6: Coal provides half the energy in this country still. Not true. Coal provides 20%.

Lie 7: Claiming this administration is basically aiming to outlaw coal. No it isn’t. The fact is coal is becoming more and more uncompetitive with other energy sources but Obama Clean Power Plan estimates coal’s share of the market will be around 27% in 2030. Doesn’t sound like an outlaw approach to me.

Lie 8: Wind energy slaughters millions of birds. No it doesn’t. It kills 214,000 to 368,000 a year. Here is a comparison of bird kills by energy source from US News & World Report.

Looks like coal is the leading bird killer to me!

Lie 9: Wind towers are unsightly. They are to rich people and that’s who Carly is concerned about here I guess. Certainly not poor communities that many times have to look at refineries and other fossil fuel infrastructure not to mention hazardous to their health. She failed to mention that poll after poll indicates strong support from the American public for the expansion of wind energy.

And finally lie 10 which is a doozie: Solar takes huge amounts of water. Concentrated solar power plants do require a lot of water but that is only 16% of the total. Dry-cooled cuts that consumption by up to 97%. Here is a breakdown of water use.

Conservatives thought Carly Fiorina did a great job in this interview. I agree fully. She’s truly a professional and smooth lier when it comes to climate change.

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