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January 30, 2017 by John Crapper

I usually restrict my postings to issues revolving around the environment and specifically climate change.  But I also teach English as a Second Language to adults and when you have a holy shit moment occur like the one we had this past weekend I just had to make an exception.

Through my professional channels I’m receiving a lot of advice helpful to refugees and immigrants.  Below is a list I received from a practicing immigration attorney.  Pass it on to anyone you know affected by this new executive order.

Knowledge is power.

From an immigration attorney in Seattle: Actions for people being detained at the border and/or families who can get a message to the arriving people:

Make sure they take down the names of the officers.

Write down flight times.

If they feared persecution in country of origin, need to communicate that to lawyer. Be careful about saying it without talking to a lawyer first.

Need to continuously demand access to legal counsel.

Do not sign anything, especially a Form I-407 if the person is a permanent resident.

Demand a hearing before an immigration judge.

Contact your Congressman and let them know one of their constituents is being detained at the airport.

Green card holders: Say “I am lawfully admitted for permanent residence and I demand access to counsel. I will not give up my green card, and you cannot force me to give it up. If I am denied entry, I demand a hearing before an immigration judge.”

DO NOT LIE to the officer.

Take contemporaneous notes on any scrap of paper as to how long waiting, and what questions are being asked – especially any questions about religious observation, political views.

Be prepared to provide names and phone numbers of people who were visited overseas, and have another family member call those people overseas to tell them to perhaps expect a call from a US government official to verify that information.

Remain calm and do not cause a scene.

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