Will YOU be Marching on Saturday 4/29/17?


April 26, 2017 by John Crapper

I’m participating in the blogathon.  Stop by if you have the time.

Support the Daily Kos SciCli blogathon during the April 22-28 week of action promoting the April 29 People’s Climate March with stories on how science and climate change are affecting our lives and our planet.

For background on the SciCli Blogathon and the Week of action visit boatsie’s diary from 4/17, Besame’s from 4/20, and onomastic’s from 4/21.

Sign up for the Washington, D.C. march or find a march near you.

On April 29, let’s march for jobs, justice, and the climate

  • Saturday, April 22 all times are PDT

2:30 pm: Cracks in Greenland ice-sheet may link up and break off DarkSyde

5:00 pm: Peoples Climate March just one piece of the resistance against lethal eco-policies. Meteor Blades

  • Sunday, April 23

9:00 am:  People’s Climate March next Saturday. Run on Sunday. RLMiller

2:30 pm: SciCli Blogathon: “I can’t believe we’re marching for facts” Edition (#ScienceMarchSF Photo Essay) citisven

5:00 pm: Climate change: Be Positive. It’s Important.  John Crapper

  • Monday, April 24

2:30 pm: I Resist in Miami Because We Provide the 1st Glimpse Into Future Climate Mayhem Pakalolo

5:00 pm: Resist,Rebel, and Revolt for Earth, Wind, Water: Climate March on Sat., 4/29 2thanks

  • Tuesday, April 25

10:45 am: Toosdai Critters Speak Out Samanthab

5:00 pm:  Had We But World Enough And Time . . .  Besame

  • Wednesday, April 26

2:30 pm: Dartagnan (Climate Change is Making the World Friendlier for Mosquitoes, Diseases, and Death)

5:00 pm: peregrine kate

  • Thursday, April 27

2:30 pm: Bill McKibben

5:00 pm: WarrenS

  • Friday, April 28

2:30 pm: Tamar

5:00 pm: annieli

Climate Hawks Vote is hosting a training for leaders of the climate movement who are considering running for office on April 30, the day after the People’s Climate March. Read more about the training at People’s Climate March next Saturday. Run on Sunday.

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