This is Rebarkable – Paws for a Moment and Check This Out


June 16, 2017 by John Crapper

Holy shit! Reality sometimes is a hard thing to swallow but I ask you to contemplate this piece of news.   It is rebarkable and everyone needs to chew on it for a while.   Picked this up from Forbes today:

China’s most controversial celebration of food, the Lychee and Dog Meat festival in the city of Yulin, was widely reported last month to have been cancelled this year after multiple animal rights organizations claimed the local government was planning a ban on dog meat sales in the week leading up to the June event.

But reports of the festival’s demise, or even a sanction on dog meat sales that could negatively impact the festival, appear to be largely unfounded.

Supporters of the festival, which started informally among Yulin restaurant owners in the late 90s, argue that eating dog is a cultural tradition in Asia, where dog meat has traditionally been used for centuries. They also believe the consumption of dog meat is no different to other types of more common animal meat, such as pork and beef, and is a matter of cultural relativism.

Millions eaten globally

Around 10,000 dogs are slaughtered at the festival every year. An estimated 30 million dogs are eaten annually worldwide, according to Humane Society International.

Large chunks of our world would never think of eating pork.  Others would never contemplate chewing on beef.   Cockroaches would never cross the lips of many!  Snake would never be served by others.  We have vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free types in our midst.  

So I ask you – Live and let live?  Eat and let eat?  Is it a personal choice left for the individual to decide?  Before you answer think about cannibalism.

Floor is open for discussion.




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