1. Cow Power – Mooving Forward


    August 25, 2015 by John Crapper

    Anyone who has been in close proximity to a diary farm knows the powerful au natural fragrance that emanates from the multiple rear ends catered to in the facility. Well it turns out that is not the only thing that is powerful about the substance that comes forth.

    Company files to build renewable natural gas plant

    SALISBURY – Lincoln Renewable Gas has filed a petition with the Vermont Public Service Board for a certificate of public good to build a renewable gas plant in Salisbury. The LincolnRNG plant would produce natural gas from dairy farm manure and other organic fuel sources. If approved, the plant will be built on the Goodrich Family farm in Salisbury. Renewable natural gas is interchangeable with conventional natural gas and may be used as an alternative heating and vehicle fuel.

    The plant will produce natural gas from an aerobic digester tank system and sell most of it to Middleburg College replacing a substantial volume of # 6 heating oil the college currently uses. This would be only the second of its kind in the United States. It is financed by private investment and a commercial loan.

    Holy cow – ┬áMilk does a body good but this project is really milking the system from beginning to end in order to maximize the good it does. It’s a really innovative shitty idea 100% endorsed by the Church of the Holy Shitters!

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