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Ecological Sanitation

Ecological Sanitation

Looking at our excrement not as waste that needs to be treated, but as a resource needing to be put to full use, is the key to an ass-forward approach to the whole issue of sanitation.

Ecological sanitation

Ecological sanitation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ecological sanitation (Ecosan) offers a new philosophy of dealing with what is presently regarded as waste and wastewater. Ecosan systems enable the recovery of nutrients from human feces and urine for the benefit of agriculture, thus helping to preserve soil fertility, assure food security for future generations, minimize water pollution and recover bio-energy. They ensure that water is used economically and is recycled in a safe way for purposes such as irrigation or groundwater recharge.

The main objectives of ecological sanitation are:

* To reduce the health risks related to sanitation, contaminated water and waste

* To prevent the pollution of surface and ground water

* To prevent the degradation of soil fertility

* To optimize the management of nutrients and water resources.

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