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Capitalism is a great clearinghouse to efficiently produce anything that can possibly be produced which someone can be convinced to buy and do it for the best price. It is a terrible system to conserve anything.” (Shitbit by Poop John the First)

The first amendment of the US Constitution mandates the separation of Church and State but it does not mandate the separation of Church and Economy.” (Shitbit by Pope John the First)

The Circle of Consumption

More people, more consumers, more products, more consumption, more growth, more job creation, more people, more consumers, more products, more consumption, more growth in an endless cycle of escalation.  In this constant growth circle the concept of conserving is completely lost.

Holy Shitters believe in stopping the Circle of Consumption

Holy Shitters do not believe that everything that can be imagined, made and successfully sold be produced.

Holy Shitters believe that production should be viewed in an ass-forward waste-end first way before the decision to produce is made.  The ability to make a profit should not be paramount.

Holy Shitters believe that man suffers from a disease we call consumer diarrhea.  To cure this disease a change of consciousness to the Soft and Fluffy, ass-forward waste-end first way of reasoning is needed.  This can be accomplished by religiously practicing the Sacrament of Holy Shitting.

The purpose of any economic system is to both create and distribute wealth throughout society.
Holy Shitters realize that basic economic assumptions commonly held around the world need to be questioned and challenged. It is no longer advisable to accept the tenants of Thomas Freedman or Keynesian theory at face value. These two schools of thought have been the prevailing poles of thinking in the economic world but it is time to think outside these boxes.

One assumption universally accepted by both schools is that of economic growth.  Growth is always a goal sought after.   It is only the means to achieving that growth in dispute between the two schools.

The Freedman school believes in smaller government, minimal regulation of business, low taxes and maximum market freedom.

Conversely the Keynesian school believes in a much more active government role in the markets and business, greater regulation to control excesses in the marketplace and generally higher taxes to fund greater government activity in the market.

Economic freedom is another concept that is commonly accepted in economic circles. Consumers should have the freedom to buy what they want and producers should have the freedom to make anything that can possibly be sold in the marketplace.  There is a wide acceptance and faith in the “free market economy“.

Another commonly held belief held across economic disciplines is the desirability of increased consumption. If consumer spending is increasing an economy is viewed as being healthy. Wealth is largely viewed in terms of new and innovative products, greater choice within any given product category and improved quality and design of any given product category.

Wealth is basically the ability to do things. To do things takes resources. There are numerous resources such as oil, coal, natural gas and timber that are being used up at an alarmingly fast rate. There are other resources that we fail to realize are resources at all and we just simply don’t view as valuable. Our own shit falls into that category.

As Holy Shitters we believe a comprehensive reevaluation and questioning of some of our most universally accepted tenants of economics is needed.  Holy Shitters believe that much of the economic activity taking place in the world today is not creating wealth but is actually reducing wealth in our drive for immediate gratification. The reservoir of wealth in the world is diminishing in order to satisfy the demands of consumers.

Conducting this reevaluation while keeping the tenants of the ass-forward waste-end first way of thinking paramount invariably leads a person to a whole new set of assumptions and conclusions.  It basically leads to a new consciousness and a healthier relationship with the planet and other living things.

Holy Shitters are committed to spreading the turd (I mean word) of this new lower consciousness.

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Our climate is changing. I'm humorously serious about addressing it. I'm convinced my ego is the main culprit. My religion, Holy Shitters, demands I humble myself and celebrate the fact my shit stinks.
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