Soft and Fluffy Consumerism

Soft and Fluffy



Soft and Fluffy Consumerism is an ass-forward state of being for Holy Shitters.  As a Soft and Fluffy consumer we strive to be soft on our environment.  We contemplate fully the utility of producing, selling and buying each and every product with an eye on minimizing its drain on energy reserves and reducing its negative impact on our environment.  As a Soft and Fluffy consumer we also contemplate the waste end of those products we deem necessary to be produced, sold and purchased to ensure they disappear or fluffily fly away quickly to be reincorporated into our environment in a non-toxic reusable manner.

Application of ass-forward thinking to our super consuming lifestyle leads to some interesting observations and questions with little effort.  For example:
As you drive around any city or town at night notice all the lights.  How many of the ones you see could be turned off?

Drive around and count how many cars with only the driver in it?

Do we really need to have a new model of each and every car you see on the road every year?  Could that time and energy be better spent increasing their fuel efficiency?

Is there such a thing as a recreational vehicle being too big?

Does one really need 50 or more different shampoos from which to choose?

Once you get your head plugged in to the ass-forward way of thinking these types of questions just seem to endlessly and logically flow into one’s thought processes.

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Our climate is changing. I'm humorously serious about addressing it. I'm convinced my ego is the main culprit. My religion, Holy Shitters, demands I humble myself and celebrate the fact my shit stinks.
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